After some 50 hours the team reached 20k QSOs already. High wind and rain prevents making antennas for 80 and 160m. Propagation: 10-12 meters – phenomenal, 15m – super, 20-17m – worse than above. 20m FT8 issue with laptop charger making noise and prevented hearing anything on 20m for some longer time but finally resolved. Changed the charger no more problems there. We hope to start 40m and 6m today. 80 and 160 possibly tomorrow weather permitted. We work FT8 using wsjtx ver.2.5 and always send RR73. Planning to be active till June 5 depending on weather forecast for return voyage to Fiji.

MAY 25 – 3D2RRR on 12CW today. Recording by IZ5CML

MAY 24 – 3D2RRR started FT8 activity from Rotuma at 04:40z. 

MAY 23 @ 12:15z – Team endured a hard sailing but are now a few hours from arriving Rotuma. It’s midnight local, so they will attempt a landing only during daylight.