APRIL 2 — News Update on 3D2EU website

We are now back in Germany or the Netherlands. We all thank you for making a QSO with us, and sharing the adventure Rotuma 2018. It was a long exhausting journey to the South Pacific with a great logistical effort and many imponderables, but finally we made it. We enjoyed warm hospitality of the very friendly Rotumans and are richer by another adventure.

MARCH 15 — The sunrise of March 14 brought the long awaited short opening to Western Europe on 80m. 20 stations from this hard to catch part of the world made it in the log.

On Thursday we had to dismantle most of the station. Only one station will remain active until Friday morning. So, activity will be limited to 10, 15, 20 and 40m. This morning we had 30,017 QSOs in the log. After the slow start we are pleased with this number.

On Friday morning we will QRT and in the afternoon we will be on our Flight to Fiji where we will meet Tony 3D2AG, our great help to make 3D2EU possible.

MARCH 11 — We just passed 20k QSOs. With 5 days to go, reaching our goal of 30k we need a miracle.

During our sunset and sunrise we tried to be active on 80 and 160m. The noise level on 160 is killing is. Even on the K9AY the signals are not better.

After our sunrise and sunset 20 and 17 meters are usable for Europe. We try to give the Europeans our priority above the others as this path is very difficult and only available for a few hours compared to the other continents. The noise on 20 and 17 meters is most of the time around S5, so difficult to copy weak signals.

On Thursday we will disconnect our antennas and put them in the boxes for transport.

Hopefully we will have à few good low band openings the coming days.

We leave Friday by plane to Suva. The boxes will be shipped by boat.

We will stay 2 days at Suva and meet our friend Tony 3D2AG, without him it would have been impossible to make this DXpedition. [tnx EUDXF]

MARCH 5 — The team is having a hard time keeping the antenna’s up as the weather is challenging. Today a small tropical storm hit the island with winds up to 120 km/h. Such a environment certainly does not help in picking up weak signals from a static loaded band. The temperature is +30C and humidity is extremely high. As you can see from the pictures this is not a 5-star Rotuma-Hilton DXpedition. [tnx EUDXF]

FEBRUARY 24 – Ronald PA3EWP informs they have finished setting up antennas for 30, 17, 12 and 40m. Tomorrow they build antennas for 10, 15, 20, 80 & 160 + rx antennas. [tnx PD9DX]

FEBRUARY 21 – The team have arrived Nadi, Fiji. Tomorrow (local time) they fly to Rotuma.

FEBRUARY 14, 2018 — Last week Tony 3D2AG told us that he couldn’t come with us as the fifth team member due QRL. That announcement was a disappointment for the whole group. But we still continue with our plans.

All team members will be on 1 location on the Island instead of 2 different QTH’s. Our equipment (2 boxes, 2 generators and 2 drums of fuel) are waiting in Suva to be shipped to Rotuma. The boat has some delay by tropical cyclone Gita. They expect departure to Rotuma soon.

We have no special permit to operated on 60m, so the 60m dx-ers have to wait for Tony’s activity later this year.

Next Tuesday we will depart from Germany via Singapore to Fiji. We will arrive Friday afternoon 23th of February on the Island. We try to be active a few hours after our arrival.

Thanks to all DX-clubs and individual sponsors to make this adventure happened.
All sponsors who made a donation before our start will receive there QSL card directly, no need to send your card first. [tnx PA3EWP]

NOVEMBER 29, 2017 — Last week the team received their license, so the call 3D2EU is officially confirmed. The coming 2 weeks they will start packing boxes with antenna equipment weighing +/- 100KG. These boxes will be shipped mid-December to Tony 3D2AG in Fiji. Website is up and running at www.rotuma2018.de

SEPTEMBER 24 — A team of 5 operators will activate Rotuma from 23 February until 16 March 2018. Active from 10m – 160m all main modes. The team consists of Tony 3D2AG, Heye DJ9RR, Erno DK2AMM, Hans DL6JGN and Ronald PA3EWP. The requested callsign (but not yet confirmed) is 3D2EU. QSL manager for 3D2EU is DK2AMM.

*note: QSLing will be separate for both 3D2EU and 3D2AG (eg. contacts with 3D2EU to DK2AMM; contacts with 3D2AG direct to 3D2AG as per QRZ.com information). Tony, 3D2AG will be in Rotuma a week before and after the 3D2EU operation, for logistical purposes.