[QRT] – With more than 140K QSOs in the log, 3C3CA is now QRT. Operator Ersoy TA2OM is heading back to Turkey. He has so far uploaded 100K QSOs to LoTW. 


[JUNE 8, 2023] – On social media, Ersoy informs that he is staying for 2 more months in Equatorial Guinea then QRT. He has made 110,000 QSOs so far. 

[SEPTEMBER 26, 2022] – Instead of 3C3W being used by Ersoy, 3C3CA has recently been issued in his name. QRX for this call to hit the airwaves, mainly on FT8. 

[SEPTEMBER 24, 2022] – Ersoy now has confirmation that his official Equatorial Guinea callsign will be 3C3W. He will collect the paperwork on Monday (Sept 26th). Note: 3C3W callsign was used by Yuris YL2GM, Kaspars YL1ZF & Girts YL2KL in 2018Meanwhile, 3C/TA2OM has been busy working JA on 40m FT8 as per the photo.

[SEPTEMBER 21, 2022] – Operator Ersoy TA2OM got in touch to say that he will apply for a local callsign to avoid any confusion or doubts with regards signing 3C/TA2OM. Once that call is known we will update. 

[SEPTEMBER 20, 2022] Recently we asked if this station was legitimate. Today, an update on QRZ.com occurred:

I just started to be more or less active. Also for the first time using FT8. I “opened” a small window during my working hours. The TRX is Icom IC-7300, connected to the laptop. The antenna is a Comet multi band vertical. Will stay here (Malabo, Bioko island, AF-010) for one month more, maybe two. I don’t know. I was just working all the time, make work first. I will also update my QRZ.com logbook.

Note: Although Turkey is part of CEPT agreement, Equatorial Guinea is not.