[UPDATE] – The 3B8M team offer the chance to win their signed flags – find out more about that here


[NOVEMBER 20] – As team members arrive in Mauritius, assembly of antennas and stations begin as shown in the pictures on the official 3B8M Facebook page. Earlier today, 3B8/DK6SP and 3B8/M0SDV were active on CW. 


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[NOVEMBER 16] – 3B8M will be active in CQWWCW M/M with 5 stations and 6 operators provided gear and operators arrive OK. We will use K3 radios and SPE amplifiers running 800W field-day style. The team leader is Olof G0CKV and the team this year includes Oliver W6NV, Alan K0AV and Denny KX7M and we are also privileged to have two young contesters, M0SDV and DK6SP joining us. Earlier activity from 3B by team members include 3B8HA SOAB, 3B9HA SOAB and 3B8MU in 2014 and 3B8M in 2019 and 2021 M/M.

Antennas will be verticals with their feet literally in the Indian Ocean. On 160 an 18m vertical will be top-loaded with 4 umbrella wires. On 80 an 18m vertical will be configured as an inverted L. For 40 we will use an 18m pole to support a vertical dipole placed on a very small rock right in the ocean – pray for us please.

For the 20m band two 12m Spiderbeam poles will support an array of two 2-element VDAs. On 15m we will likewise use an array of two 2-element VDAs. On 10m we will probably have a 2-element VDA plus an omni vertical dipole.

HF is great fun and easy as solar activity increases. The low bands however always separates the men from the boys – can be challenging but also greatly rewarding.

Provided we will get our antennas up as planned we will focus on 160 and 80 around our sunset and sunrise, 1431z and 0121z respectively, before the contest weekend, likely on CW but perhaps also on SSB. We are not smart enough, nor do we have the experience to do FT8 and such new-fangled stuff but, who knows, we might well appear there if we can gather the courage.

We are not licensed to do 11m, nor are we going to do SSTV or FAX or Hellschreiber or sparc on any band so please don’t bother to ask. 60m is unfortunately not yet allowed in 3B-land either.

You might however find the 3B8M team going seriously hi-tech on 2.3/10GHz QO-100 kindly assisted and guided by 3B8FA and other local 3B8 satellite expertise. [tnx G0CKV]