NEWS UPDATE – QSL cards, with golden font, will be sent out on January 11 & 12 by QSL manager UA3DX. In addition, 3A3A will more than likely be active again during the 2022 CQWW SSB contest; an update on that activity, including operators, provided later in the year. 

OCTOBER 29, 2021 – An international team consisting EA3NT, G4PVM, MM0NDX & RA9USU, with a helping hand from 3A2NY, will be active from this tiny country during the entire CQWW SSB contest.

A quick check on Club Log shows Monaco at #4 Most Wanted (incredibly) for NA West Coast on SSB; more wanted on this mode than rare gems such as Bouvet, DPRK, Scarborough Reef, Kerguelen and Turkmenistan to name a few. NA East Coast (SSB) stands at #9 Most Wanted.

The reason for this is because most of NA is blocked by mountains to the north and west of Monaco. However, the 3A3A team are in a fortunate position of being permitted roof access to a 5 star waterfront hotel whereby they will erect an assortment of antennas with a view to working the world, and a special focus on NA before, during and after the contest, particularly as the SFI and SSN now hover above 100.

Indeed, it’s not only NA which greatly needs 3A on SSB; other regions of the world including Far East AS (#26) and VK/ZL (#63) also have high demand for the Principality.

This is the first time a 3A3 prefix has been issued and we look forward very much to working you in the contest. Have a good one !

3A3A via UA3DX.

PS: look for 3A/homecalls before/after the contest.