NEWS UPDATE – Both Paul and Flo update with the following:

We are using F/H mode with frequency control. People must make sure they click on frequency control so that we can hear their report…if they give the report on their initial calling frequency, that will not work ! Also, people must call above DF + 1000. In other words, the original true F/H mode.

Today we cannot access the shack until 20:30 UTC at the earliest. This will give us some time to rest and gather the logs and upload them to Club Log. For those that have messaged us asking if they’re in the log: please QRX and wait for log upload.

We’re having some (grounding) issues that creates interference between the HF stations. Until we have solved this issue it’s very hard to do SSB or CW. From tonight on we’ll have multiple F/H stations running on HF. Otto, 3A2OK joins as main FT8 operator.

In the upcoming days we’ll also spend some time towards west-coast North America. Regarding 6M, So far we’ve logged a little over 300 Qs on 6M. We’ve noted that some QSO’s weren’t logged properly. Fortunately, we have the raw receive report so we’ll go through it manually after the operation. Feel free to work us again if you are not in the Club Log upload. We have some noise in the direction of the city but it is manageable. So far we’ve logged only 2 JA stations despite being heard by more stations in Japan. No North America has been heard yet. But we’re definitely on the look out.

Some of the equipment which made its journey to 3A.

JULY 5 – Dates have been extended by 3 days. Now QRV from July 7 to 17. 

MAY 10, 2022 – Paul, F6EXV recently published the following info on

Operation in the first half of July 2022, along with PB8DX (3A/PB8DX) and a special activity on 6m as 3A6M with the help from the local ARM association. QSL for 3A/F6EXV, 3A/PB8DX and 3A6M via F6EXV on Club Log. Please do not send your card, only use Club Log. QSL via Club Log for direct or bureau. LoTW will be uploaded in full 6 months after the operation.