UPDATE – Quiz is ready! Remember, the first 5 readers to share their score of 18 or more (60% or more) will receive a gift.  

[HDquiz quiz = “10666”]

JUNE 21 — Ten months ago – during the height of global lockdown due to Covid – we started the DX-World Quiz feature to keep people occupied and to generally increase their geographical and DX knowledge. There’s no getting away from the fact many of these questions were difficult and not many people achieved even a 60% pass rate with each quiz. 

However, since the first quiz way back in August 2020 there has now been a total of 30 published. For info, just about all the quizzes were compiled by MM0NDX often taking up a lot of time and effort.

To celebrate we have decided to create a new quiz (#31) which will be published on Wednesday this week. It will feature a question from each of the last 30 quizzes – it might do no harm for you to try some of the earlier quizzes so you are ready for the next batch of questions 🙂

The first 5 readers who achieve a pass-mark of 60% or more (that’s 18 out of 30, or more) will receive a gift! First of all you have to provide evidence of your pass-mark. To do that you must share via Twitter or Facebook pages of DX-World. Or simply email a screenshot of your pass-mark. See below how to share on social media after you’ve completed the quiz. 

*Keep an eye on DX-World on Wednesday at 15:00Z. The quiz will be published then to give most areas of the globe a chance to win a gift.