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#1. The first licensed operation from Albania (ZA1A) happened in 1991. How many QSOs did they make?

#2. How many IOTA groups in all of Italy?

#3. After which DXpedition was the book "DXpeditioning Behind the Scenes" written?

#4. How many DXCC entities pass through the Equator?

#5. When was the last DXpedition to Pratas Island?

#6. Which island(s) counted as two DXCC entities at the same time?

#7. Which DXpedition holds the world record for most CW QSOs?

#8. Where would you find Olonkin City?

#9. Albert II, Prince of Monaco, possesses which callsign?

#10. How many new DXCC entities has OH2BH operated from?

#11. Your contest call is P99P. Where are you operating from?

#12. Which DXpedition made the most QSOs ever on 80m & 40m, a record still lasting today?

#13. Grégoire Kayibanda held the callsign 9X1A. Who was he?

#14. Of these four entities, which is Most Wanted globally?

#15. Which is furthest north?

#16. Mozambique uses the C9 prefix, but which Deleted DXCC entity also used "C9" ?

#17. Which DXpedition holds the record for most unique stations worked?

#18. How many years in a row has P5 been top of the global most wanted list?

#19. Although this prefix block has never been used, which country is entitled to use the series 3H to 3U ?

#20. Which entity is on the DXCC Deleted List but is also DXCC Current ?

#21. Which two DXCC entities have identical flags?

#22. Which was not a Microlite Penguins DXpedition?

#23. Where would you find Disappointment Islands?

#24. Who wrote the The Complete DX'er ?

#25. How many combined QSOs in total between T32C, VP6DX & HK0NA ?

#26. The flag of this DXCC entity is the only national flag in the world that is not rectangular. Which entity?

#27. What was the most recent DX activity of UA4WHX?

#28. When was the first activation (creating a new DXCC) of Trinidade & Martim Vaz (PY0/T) ?

#29. Which island within the OC-046 group did Marlon Brando operate from?

#30. Which DXCC entity is not located in the Northern hemisphere ?


JUNE 21 — Ten months ago – during the height of global lockdown due to Covid – we started the DX-World Quiz feature to keep people occupied and to generally increase their geographical and DX knowledge. There’s no getting away from the fact many of these questions were difficult and not many people achieved even a 60% pass rate with each quiz. 

However, since the first quiz way back in August 2020 there has now been a total of 30 published. For info, just about all the quizzes were compiled by MM0NDX often taking up a lot of time and effort.

To celebrate we have decided to create a new quiz (#31) which will be published on Wednesday this week. It will feature a question from each of the last 30 quizzes – it might do no harm for you to try some of the earlier quizzes so you are ready for the next batch of questions 🙂

The first 5 readers who achieve a pass-mark of 60% or more (that’s 18 out of 30, or more) will receive a gift! First of all you have to provide evidence of your pass-mark. To do that you must share via Twitter or Facebook pages of DX-World. Or simply email a screenshot of your pass-mark. See below how to share on social media after you’ve completed the quiz. 

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