The 2022 Honour Roll and Annual Listings have been posted here on the IOTA website.

Covid-19 travel restrictions have resulted over the past year in a reduced number of DXpeditions. The Honor Roll and Annual Listing with a total of 1558 entries show a decrease of 109 or 6.5% over the same listings in 2021. Some 241 record-holders now have scores of 1000 or more IOTA groups, a decrease of 6.6% on last year, and 570 or a decrease of 3.4% with scores of at least 750 groups, the number required for the IOTA Plaque of Excellence. Scores at the top continue to close with 67 record-holders breaking through the 1100 mark and 20 of them within 10 of the top score. Congratulations to leader 9A2AA on 1132 groups out of a possible 1136 that have seen activity, to I2YDX and I1JQJ who follow close behind and indeed to all who have joined the IOTA family or updated in the last year. Following a brief break Checkpoints have started processing applications again.

G3KMA and VE3LYC, 20 February 2022