NEWS UPDATE – First batch of QSLs are now being received, mainly in Russia so far. Below is a sneak preview of what you can expect.

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October 30, 2015 – Vlad, UA4WHX has now finished and returned home after his epic Arctic coast expedition which lasted almost two months. Here we have some excellent footage posted on You Tube taken during his activity as RI0KV and RI1PV/P.

You can see more videos here


October 22 – With the Icebreaker MSV Mikhail Somov now positioned in the Kara Strait, Vlad continues to be active as RI0POL. He recently sent these images depicting life on deck:


October 16 – Continuing to portray Vlad’s journey using pictures, here’s latest images taken when QRV as R00BVB from Cape Sterligova. A reminder that you can see current ship location here


October 11 – Recently QRV as RI0QV from the Anzhu Islands AS-028, below are few images from Vlad of that operation.


October 7 – Earlier active as R00QVB from Ambarchik Polar Station – area of the Kolyma River (ex-Gulag settlement), Vlad sends more exclusive images – thanks!


October 6 – Images depicting life while QRV as RI0KV/P from Ayon AS-038


October 3 – For almost 12 days, Vlad UA4WHX was active from Ushakovskoye, Wrangel Island AS-027. He sends more exclusive pictures for readers of DX-World.


September 22 – Callsign RI0KV has been listed on Vlad soon QRV from Wrangel Island AS-027.



September 22 – During the past few days, R00KVB has been QRV from Valkarkay Polar Station and port town of Pevek. Here’s a small picture gallery from those locations:

UPDATE III – These pictures are from IOTA AS-029 (Bol’shoj Lyakhovskij Island) when active as RI0QV/P


UPDATE II – Following images are from Kotelnyy island AS-028 while Vlad was active as RI0QV

UPDATE I – Further callsigns to out look for are R00KVB and RI0KV. They will be used when Vlad visits various coastal areas of Chukotka (R0K) in the East of Russia. Should he be active from any of the islands in this region, below is a list of potential IOTA.


September 18 – Today, RI0QV/P is active from Bol’shoj Lyakhovskij Island AS-029

September 17 – As suggested below, good news for IOTA chasers is that Vlad is currently active from Kotelnyy island in the Anzhu Islands AS-028 as RI0QV. When not on any island in this region, Vlad will sign R00QVB from towns and villages.

September 14 – Look for RI0QV (or R00QVB) to be active from various coastal areas of R0Q region – Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the East of Russia. As yet unknown if Vlad will activate any of the rare IOTAs within this region, but if he does here’s a list of potential island groups:



September 13 – The gallery below is a mixture of images from RI00BVB (Сape Chelyuskin) and RI0BV/P (AS-042).


September 11 – Here’s a few images from recent AS-042 activity.


September 9 – For a few hours today, Vlad was active from Nordenshel’da Archipelago AS-121 as RI0BV/0. Pictures below are of his activity from there. Next stop for RI0VB/P is Severnaya Zemlya AS-042


September 7 – Vlad UA4WHX has recently been active as RI0BV from IOTA AS-005. In addition, when sailing around various coastal areas of the R0B region (Dolgano-Nenetsky District), he will sign R00BVB. (not RO0BVB as reported elsewhere)



September 5 – New pics received during recent R11PVB activity from the town of Amderma and surrounding areas.


September 3 – Vlad UA4WHX updates to say:

No operation was possible from Vaygach Island EU-086 as a few hungry polar bears camping around the landing site of the station left us with no time for radio. Chasing them with a helicopter flying over was time-consuming and not easy. They had been there for a few weeks so the staff had to stay inside until help came with the expedition.

More on the above can be read here

UPDATE III – New pictures from R11PVB activity.


UPDATE II – Vlad sends pictures of his RI1PV activity from Kolguyev Island EU-085 which took place August 31.



September 1 – Earlier today Vlad was active as R11PVB from the village of Khodovarikha. When signing RI0POL, he is operating from the boat (MSV Mikhail Somov – see below). August 31 @ 07:30UTC. With the helicopter soon ready to depart, Vlad UA4WHX is heading to Kolguyev Island EU-085. He will be active for 3-4 hours only as RI1PV.



August 30, 2015 – Aboard the Icebreaker MSV Mikhail Somov is world traveller Vladimir Bykov, UA4WHX. As the ship sails along the Arctic Northern Sea Route (Northeast Passage within the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Russian Federation), and as part of her 2015 Russian Arctic Coast Expedition, from time to time, Vlad will be active with the following callsigns:

  • RI0POL — Operations aboard MSV Mikhail Somov only.
  • RI1OV — Novaya Zemlya EU-035 and Morzhovets EU-119
  • RI1PV — Kolguyev Island EU-085
  • R11PVB — Operations from the villages of Khodovarikha & Belly Nos.
  • R00BVB — Operations from coastal areas of  Dolgano-Nenetsky region.
  • RI0BVAS-005, RI0BV/PAS-042, RI0BV/0AS-121
  • RI0QV — Kotelnyy Isl. AS-028, RI0QV/P Lyakhovskiye AS-029
  • R00QVB – Operations from coastal areas of Sakha Republic.


Trips to the islands will be carried out by helicopter. Updates will appear under each callsign on and here on