We just received this email and display unedited for your info. It’s entirely up to you whether you chase this station or not. 


“The Ministry of Post and Communications of the Kingdom of North Barchant under No. 1 issued a 1K0MM radio amateur license for collective use to the International Marine Club «Seafarer» to work on the air from a seagoing vessel in the waters of open, neutral and territorial waters of the oceans. The 1K prefix stands for «The First Kingdom on the Open Ocean».

Analytical article on virtual states here

From 18 to 20 September, the first activity of the unusual Pacific Marine Historical and Geographic Postal Film-Radio DXpedition of the virtual state of the Kingdom of the North Barkhant – 1K0MM will take place, which will be active from the yacht in the open waters of the Sea of ​​Japan on various HF bands SSB & CW. Unique BOTTLE MAIL QSL and 3D WOOD QSL & POST CARD will be issued, special 6-page paper card, envelope, art stamp, 3D wood stamp and stamps will be printed.

The most active on 6 continents will become holders of the citizenship and passport of the Kingdom of North Barchant, and will also receive banknotes and silver coins as a gift.

Also, as a gift of 2 different banknotes of the Kingdom of Northern Barchant, the most active radio amateurs from all over the world will be awarded, who will conduct a larger number of QSOs with different types of modulation on different bands.

BOTTLE MAIL QSL will only be issued upon request via RM0M to hamradio@seafarer.world

HAMRADIO Department of International Marine Club SEAFARER
E-mail: hamradio@seafarer.world