It looks like my plans for 1B/ will come to nothing!  The licencing authorities in north Cyprus have failed so far to issue me with a licence (failed, not refused). 

I’m in Istanbul right now and can’t hang around waiting for them!  So it’s off to the sunny Turkish coast of Fethiye and operation initially as TA+homecall (Turkey is a CEPT country), and then a TA callsign in a few months after I get my resident’s visa.

NOVEMBER 5, 2021 

Please note, we are posting this info because 1) XW0LP is a well known operator who many have logged 2) it has appeared on

Comments are closed because quite simply we know what’s going to happen next. Better if you email the operator. A reminder that 1B/TA1HZ is also active. 

Due to the bad Covid-19 situation in Laos, and the very bad economic situation because of this terrible virus, I have temporarily relocated my ham station to the territory of TRNC – Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. My new callsign is 1B/XW0LP.

The most important thing for me is that I love amateur radio and want to use my hobby to help young students learn about radio communications. I have ZERO interest in any discussions about the politics and history of my current residence.

Don’t call me or any other 1B station a pirate! It’s important to understand that my callsign and ham radio station are 100% legal!

TRNC is a region of the island of Cyprus that declared independance in 1983 from the southern part of the island. The TRNC is not a member of the UN, nor is it a member of the ITU. The ITU allocates amateur radio callsign prefixes only to each of its member states, and not to states which are not ITU members.

Since the TRNC is not a member of the ITU, it is not bound by their rules concerning prefix allocation or use, and the governing body of the TRNC is the responsible authority to allocate their own prefix for visiting amateur radio operators. In this respect, it is the same as Taiwan, for example, which is also not a member of the UN or ITU, but is accepted as a DXCC. Or the same as The Sovereign Military Order of Malta – prefix 1A, which is also not a member of the UN or ITU, but is accepted as a DXCC. Or Kosovo, which uses the prefix Z6, which the ITU rules as illegal – and Kosovo is also not a member of the ITU, but is a DXCC.

The prefix to use when operating in TRNC is 1B, chosen by the governing body of the TRNC, which is the only body with authority to allocate prefixes and to issue amateur radio licences in the TRNC. This prefix is added to the existing callsign of the operator, who must have passed a technical amateur radio exam and hold a ham licence from another country. So an operator with a ham radio licence from Turkey (eg TA1ABC), will be issued with the callsign 1B/TA1ABC. These are the licencing rules in the TRNC, and I am required to abide by them.

As stated, the TRNC is not part of DXCC awards programs. This means that if you have a QSO with my station, it (unfortunately) won’t count towards any DXCC award certificate. It also means that I am unable to use my XW0LP LOTW account for our QSOs. However, of course I do issue hard-copy QSL cards for contacts, and welcome anyone who wants to receive my unique QSL card! I also welcome verification reports from SWLs.