UPDATE – The mystery operator in the picture is Vlad UA4WHX ! 

Sitting next to a home-made RIG and a map of the Soviet Union in the background, the picture was taken at the UK4WAQ Club Station in early January  1983 at the time of my first QSOs. The man sitting next to me is my Elmer, Victor, UA4WFR.



Congrats to the four people who guess correctly. They will each receive a signed copy of the original picture (7.2Mb in size).

JUNE 29 – A very prominent and well known DXer sent this picture. At their request, it’s a good idea to make this particular DX Shoebox a “Guess Who..?” 

If you think you know who the young operator wearing glasses is, then drop us an email DXER59[AT]GMAIL.COM and we’ll send you a signed souvenir copy of the picture (original large size) courtesy of the operator in question, along with a description of the image.