In the DX Shoebox today we have some random pictures sent by Oliver, F6EPN. Descriptions below.

U-Tan, XZ2TH: Secretary General of The United Nations from 1961-1971.


A well decorated Gus Browning W4BPD with Stu Meyer W2GHK (former Chief Engineer and President of Hammerlund Radio Corporation)


Boris, UA0UY with vintage radios (1981)


UA0KAR / UA0AZ on Dickson Island AS-005 (1962)

As mentioned before, we’re running low on old / archive DX pictures. We know there’s lots of operators out there with various archive images of DXpeditions / DXers – can you spare us 5 minutes of your time and send a few photo scans (or taken by camera) of anything interesting you may have? Contact Us. Thanks.