For 10 days in a row we’ve been running this new feature. It’s very popular and long may that continue. Of course, we need your help for it to continue. Currently, we have about 5 days worth of material left then it will dry up. If you enjoy this feature and have some old DX photos you might like to share, please drop an email to DXER59 @ GMAIL.COM

In today’s DX Shoebox – the original starter of this feature – Danny ON4VT – provides another couple of gems! See the descriptions.

Kingman Reef (1993). Calls used: N9NS/KH5K and N0AFW/KH5K.


All the ops who took part and were QRV from Kingman Reef (1993)


Thanks to F6EPN here’s a photo of N9NS himself on Kingman Reef.

NB: Since this post is about Kingman Reef, we did a quick research and found a recent (November 2021) picture of the islet below. Nowadays, the highest point on the reef is about one meter above sea level and generally awash most of the time, making Kingman Reef a maritime hazard.

Shipwreck on Kingman Reef (November 2021)